Ahmed Aly

Ahmed Aly is a licensed physical therapist in Georgia and New York City. He is an experienced Rehabilitation Manager with a demonstrated history working in the healthcare industry. Ahmed holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Cairo University and received his Master’s degree in Health Care Administration and Management from Colorado State University-Global Campus with certification in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Specialty of Strategic Innovation, and Change Management. He also holds a entry level Master’s Degree for Physical Therapy.

With his devotion and compassion toward helping his patients, he founded Unique Care, LLC. The clinic is a rehabilitation outpatient establishment that provides physical therapy services along with many other services such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and pilates. It provides intensive rehabilitation programs through a group of experienced and skilled therapists within the rehabilitation field. Unique Care clinic also provides continuous education, seminars, and fellowship for health care providers, staff, patients, and other individuals as a form of training to educate people on how to best deal with illnesses for overall wellness.

Before Unique Care was founded, Ahmed had over 9 years of clinical experience. He is stationed at Southern Crescent TBI Center as a Rehabilitation Director with duties including conducting evaluation and assessment tests on patients, managing social workers and case managers, drafting policy and procedures, overseeing healthcare compliance, and staffing. He also is the research and development manager in which he conducts numerous researches and continuous education for therapists, nurses, social workers and case managers.

Over the years, Ahmed has gained expertise in marketing management, use of medical devices, patient care, communication skills, medical compliance and physical health. With a wealth of experience in management, the master’s degree in health care administration is a step up to his professional experience. He describes himself as an excellent leader. He managed to lead the Advanced Medical Education to success, saving them from loss to making great profits in 1 year. He steered 6 courses from people from all walks of life to undertake medical courses and seminars as the scientific coordinator and leader.

To add to his stellar leadership achievements, Ahmed acted as the executive director in Otto Bock and was responsible for launching new products into the market. He undertook the task, not only in his capacity as manager in charge but also to assess patients clinically to observe their reaction to rehabilitation.

Ahmed believes in constant professional development. As one who engages in research and teaching quite often, he believes in the value of continuous education; the need to constantly upgrade his skills.

He has achieved major milestones in his career. Ahmed has made several lecture presentations and co-ordinated and organized gatherings. He has made a presentation in “1st International Arabic Physical Therapy Conference” and another in “Career Planning Conference” at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. He has co-ordinated and organized “Practical Training on Acupuncture Course” by Professor Yeliu of TCM and “Modern Approach of Management of Cerebral Palsy Children” at the Therapies for Kids Society, Florida.

He is a hard worker, ambitious and never gives up. His long term goals are not to manage one clinic, but several all over the country. He desires to be a great manager who has a great rapport with his employees. He acknowledges that employees are the greatest resource to a company hence motivating them ensures greater output. Having worked with the most advanced manual therapy techniques for physical therapy, Ahmed is always in the search of advanced techniques and treatment methods to offer his patients quality services.

In his free time, he enjoys engaging in soccer, running and travelling. He also is engaged in giving back to the community by helping the poor.

Despite his busy schedule, Ahmed always finds a balance between work and his family and he confesses to enjoy spending time with his daughter.

Ahmed invites you to visit his website at www.unique-care.org to explore the services he offers.