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Ahmed Aly

Ahmed Aly is a licensed physical therapist in Georgia and New York City. He is an experienced Rehabilitation Manager with a demonstrated history working in the healthcare industry. Ahmed holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Cairo University and received his Master’s degree in Health Care Administration and Management from Colorado State University-Global Campus with certification in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Specialty of Strategic Innovation, and Change Management. He also holds a entry level Master’s Degree for Physical Therapy.

With his devotion and compassion toward helping his patients, he founded Unique Care, LLC. The clinic is a rehabilitation outpatient establishment that provides physical therapy services along with many other services such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and pilates. It provides intensive rehabilitation programs through a group of experienced and skilled therapists within the rehabilitation field. Unique Care clinic also provides continuous education, seminars, and fellowship for health care providers, staff, patients, and other individuals as a form of training to educate people on how to best deal with illnesses for overall wellness.

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Thien Tran, DPT, Cert. DN

Clinic Director/ Team Leader

Thien Tran is an accomplished physical therapist. Upon receiving his Bachelor’s degree of Science in Exercise Science from Georgia State University, Thien opted for a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Brenau University. As a physical therapist, his ultimate aim is to assist people to get and stay well. He does everything it takes to help his patients improve the quality of their life by reducing and relieving their pain. The variety of techniques that Thien genuinely masters are among his secrets to help people improve their movement thus restore the peace of their mind. Thien feels like his passion has always been embedded in helping others turn their life around for the better by promoting overall health.

When he is not working, you can find him enjoying his favourite video games or spending quality time with his wife and longhaired Chihuahua. Thien is also a Vietnamese speaker and avid traveller who has passionately travelled across Europe.

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Asma Ajmeri

Account Executive

Asma earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Rajiv Gandhi University in 2007. Then opted for a Master’s degree in Health Exercise Physiology in 2009 from Long Island University to achieve a better understanding of health and human movement. Soon after, Asma Worked as a physical therapist in New York while pursuing a Master’s degree in Health Science from Long Island University. Upon getting married and moving to GA in 2009, Asma started working as an Exercise Physiologist with a group of PT’s and Orthopedic Surgeons at Choice Care. In 2014, she embarked on a new professional journey as she started doing wellness for Spinal Cord Injury patients at Project Walk Atlanta. Then, she set her mind on getting into management and marketing for a Physical Therapy practice by taking advantage of the opportunity to work as a Marketing Director for a Physical Therapy practice from Oct 2016 to Oct 2020. Asma benefits of every opportunity she can lay her hands on to further push the entrepreneurship spirit in her, that is why she was so excited to work for Unique Care as an Account Executive for the company.

Asma strongly believes that exercise is a medicine; so she likes to be part of this industry and serve the community by helping people to find them the right place to come for Physical Therapy. She sees in helping others feel healthier and happier as a great way to boost her feel-good hormones.

In her free time, she would love to spend time with her family, enjoy playing basketball with her 7-year-old son.  She is also the sort of person who likes to work out on a regular basis and socialize with their group of friends on a weekend.

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Soraia Kunihiro, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

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Dimitri Darroux

Physical Therapy Aide

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Ginell Derich

Office Manager

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Rayna Green, DPT, Cert. DN

Clinical Director

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Doaa Gorna, CPT

Head of Wellness program

Ahmad Kaskas

Doctor of Physical Therapist

Duy Lam

Aide Therapist Physical

Frances Pena


Jesse Chase

PTA Clinical Director

Kamini Patel

DPT clinical Director

Nathalie Pena

Physical Therapy Aide

Pam Wells


Sierra Cornelous

Physical Therapist Assistant

Rebekah Smith

Doctor of Physical Therapist

Evelyn London


Carl Roy

Assistant Therapist Physical