You’re ready, but are you Sports Ready?

Sports Ready: 

Our Sports Ready program aims to bridge the gap between daily function and lasting performance.  Unique Care’s Sports Ready program was created by physical therapists with the goal to encourage athletic longevity for individuals of all ages.  Injuries occur when mobility issues meet the physical demands of the sport.  Individuals participating in our program receive one-on-one attention to become Sports Ready and thrive as athletes.

Movement Screening:

Sports Ready begins with a screening giving us a detailed, individual report of imbalances or deficits.  The human body can adapt to the demands of daily life, sometimes creating a movement pattern that doesn’t serve us functionally.  The purpose of the screening is to uncover any specific issues that may be preventing and limiting optimal performance.

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Movement Correction and Recovery

This is where we get to work on correcting the movement and mobility issues that could lead to future injury.  The exercises we choose are specific to each individual.  We combine our expertise in manual therapy and extensive knowledge of kinesiology to treat mobility deficits, manage pain, and improve muscle health.  Our in-house Functional Movement specialist focuses on strength and conditioning, stability training, flexibility, speed, and agility.

Agility and Plyometric training for Back to Sport:

Plyometric training is a crucial part of the program in returning to sport.  This phase of training will focus on explosive, controlled movements aimed to improve performance. With our fully equipped clinics, Our Plyometric and Agility training will be aimed to improve power and speed.

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We Provide Sports Physical
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